Trenger du noen å snakke med?

World wide helplines

Guide to 100+ national helplines:

Feeling frightened, lonely, happy, angry, despaired, sad, depressed, suicidal? Without hope? Difficult to see a way forward?

You don’t have to go through this alone.

If you are struggling today, need support with your mental health, or have experienced a traumatic event; consider contacting a helpline.

It’s free, anonymous and confidential.

Somebody in your own language may understand, support og listen to you without judging or condemning, ease your burden and help you to find a way.

Services are mostly run by local non-governmental organizations. Kirkens SOS Norway is not responsible for quality or costs connected to services. See national webpages for services and opening hours. Services is free of charge, but phone costs according to your agreement with your supplier may be added. Email, chat or calls through internet may be free or at reduced costs. If you are at immediate need of protection or medical help, call your local emergency lines.

Guide to 100+ national helplines:

Other service providers:

IFOTES: International federation of National Associations of Telephone Emergency Services which offer emotional support, immediately accessible to any person suffering from loneliness, in a state of psychological crisis, or contemplating suicide.

LIFELINE INTERNATIONAL: LifeLine International promotes, supports and affiliates our Member organisations in their delivery of lifesaving services to people in crisis.